1. Cancellation of a personal training or physiotherapy service with less than 12 hours notice will result in the session being considered as completed and no rescheduling or refund will be made. This clause shall apply unless the customer justifies the cancellation by a duly documented force majeure cause.

2. To guarantee the reservation of the personal training and physiotherapy sessions, the client must pay the corresponding cost up to 2 hours before the scheduled time of the session. If payment is not made within the established period, the client will be considered to have cancelled the session.

3. Payment may be made by bank transfer, bizum or any other means of payment accepted by the service provider.

4. The client must provide the physiotherapist or personal trainer with all necessary information about his/her medical history, current health status and any other relevant information prior to the start of the session.

5. The physical therapist or personal trainer reserves the right to refuse care to any client who presents an injury or health condition that is deemed inappropriate for the development of the sessions.

6. The client agrees to follow the recommendations of the physiotherapist or personal trainer regarding the frequency and duration of treatment or training, as well as to perform the prescribed tasks or exercises to obtain the best possible results.

7. The client agrees to inform the physiotherapist or personal trainer of any changes in his or her health condition or injury during the course of the sessions.

8. The physiotherapist or personal trainer is not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur during the sessions, due to lack of information provided by the client or failure to comply with the recommendations of the specialist.



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